Hygiene and disinfection
textile in laundries


The reduction of microorganisms to a level that does not compromise the health of the user or food through the use of chemical agents and/or physical methods.


Elimination or death of all the microorganisms that contains an object or substance


thermal textile disinfection THERMAL:

  • 15 minutes at 90-95° C / 194-203° F
  • 20 minutes at 80-85° C / 176-185° F

Chemistry textile disinfection CHEMISTRY:

  • Pure chemicals without water
  • Variable time according to type of disinfectant

Chemistry-thermal textile disinfection CHEMISTRY-THERMAL:

  • 10 minutes at 60° C / 140° F
  • With 120 mg of chemistry per 1 mg of chlorine or active oxygen.

Key points for correct disinfection

Temperature, time and product

Temperature, time and chemistry are used appropriately to achieve maximum performance in the disinfection process

This is done according to fabric type with appropriate variations in temperature, time and chemistry.


Relationship of times and temperatures in the disinfection

The graph shows that optimal disinfection results occur when wash times are between 12 and 18 minutes with temperatures of 85°C (185°F) and 95°C (203°F).

Short wash times, therefore, dramatically reduce optimal disinfection results.

Laundry best

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On-premise laundry

Benefits of keeping laundry processes in-house:

  • Prevents the contamination of textiles during external transportation
  • Protects the health of employees
  • Verify that disinfection parameters are carried out
  • Complete control over wash methods and longevity of textiles
  • Total control over laundry handling, cleaning and disinfection processes
  • Use of biodegradable chemistry and efficient laundering methods
  • Easy machine operation, even for non-experts
  • Eliminate outsourcing costs

The equipment should incorporate a remote data logging system, such as , that monitors and verifies that disinfection parameters are met for every laundry batch processed.

Each machine includes automatic chemistry injection – eliminating the need to add detergents manually.

Laundry is sized based on your unique productivity needs.

Washer HS

Washer HS textile disinfection

Aqua Mixer system: guarantees to maintain a set temperature for the entire assigned time.

Disinfection guarantee: Allows for complete control of water temperature by degree.

Washing programs: Automatically combines detergents and disinfectants that are gentle on fabrics to extend the life of uniforms and PPE

The Wet Cleaning: system minimizes the spillage of micro polyester particles into the drain water.

Control: An easy-to-use control with up to 99 unique wash programs. Just load, enter a program number, and press start. (Depending on model).

Dryer ED

Dryer ED textile disinfection

Control: Highly programmable control, offering 10 preset programs and 40 customizable programs — giving operators total control over drying variables.

A programmable temperature sensor at the airflow inlet and outlet: continuously monitors temperatures and allows total control over cooling speed. Prevents damage to fabrics from over-drying.

Moisture control system: prevents linen from over-drying — eliminating operator error, improving productivity and preventing fabric damage and shrinkage.

Drying programs: Used for drying wet cleaned items, the drying programs combine low temperatures and control over drum movement for excellent care of fabrics.


Sapphire in disinfection

Sapphire en la desinfección Laundry Management & Connectivity
COVID-19 Monitoring Package

Control and verification of disinfection parameters.

remote management software allows users to view all Girbau machines cycles, including temperature, water level and cycle phases.

It allows you to create your own disinfection parameters by temperature and time.

Verifies that every assigned program on each machine is completed. If a disinfection condition has not been met, the operator is notified.

Visually and quickly verifies that all cycles have met the parameters of disinfection previously stipulated by the user.

Achieves traceability of processes. It monitors every aspect of a cycle and makes it possible to also view dryer cycle details.

Sapphire en la desinfección

Disinfection monitoring

To ensure correct disinfection during washing, Girbau has developed a disinfection solution integrated into the remote management software, Sapphire.

This allows operators to control and verify that all disinfection parameters are met, and to view details including water temperature, time, or cycle phases.

Simultaneously, users can optimize resources and wash results by creating disinfection conditions that utilize minimum temperatures and maximum time exposures.

Finally, it’s easy to determine if the program configuration complies with pre-set disinfection conditions and parameters within the software itself.


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