Girbau hosts workshop with KIMS and Seitz on Wet Cleaning AquaTouch® in Ukraine
The seminar, on 26 and 27 February, welcomed more than 40 participants from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus
Girbau hosts workshop with KIMS and Seitz on Wet Cleaning AquaTouch® in Ukraine

Girbau hosted a workshop on the Wet Cleaning AquaTouch® system with its partners KIMS and Seitz in Odessa (Ukraine) on 26 and 27 February. The seminar, which covered wet cleaning for both textiles and leather and suede accessories, welcomed more than 40 participants from various cities in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Seitz GmbH International Sales Manager Andreas Thiel led the workshop with theory and practical aspects of the specifications and particularities of this innovative system.

AquaTouch® is a comprehensive Wet Cleaning system that makes it possible to wet clean natural fibres (wool, cashmere, mohair, silk, viscose, etc.), animal hide (leather, suede, etc.) and other delicate pieces traditionally labelled dry clean only. This comprehensive solution includes high-tech machinery by Girbau and biodegradable detergents from Seitz. AquaTouch® is specially designed to protect, care for and improve the final quality of the wash, as well as making clothing last longer.

Ilya Sergeev, Girbau Area Sales Manager for Russia & CIS, presented the high-tech Girbau washers, dryers and finishing machines, demonstrating the specifications of the washing and drying processes. Furthermore, Andreas Thiel shared the theory behind what makes the chemical products unique, the special programmes and how short they are, the dosing systems and financial benefits of this solution.

In the practical part of the seminar, the AquaTouch® wet cleaning system was put to the test with particularly delicate items like wool suits and cashmere coats, as well as leather and suede items. The results were excellent, also proving the reliability of the AquaTouch® system.