Girbau hosts the third edition of the FIRST Tech Challenge event
This year's event, marked by the pandemic, was adapted to current circumstances and all the teams took part from their respective countries.
Girbau hosts the third edition of the FIRST Tech Challenge event

Saturday 29th May saw the third edition of the FIRST Tech Challenge competition, marked by the pandemic and featuring 8 national and international teams. In view of today's circumstances, the event adapted its format to the restrictions on movement and current health and safety measures, with all the teams taking part from their respective countries.

Two Catalan teams, one from the Canary Islands, one German, one from Romania and one Czech team were selected to take part in this third edition of the FIRST Tech Challenge event with the ULTIMATE GOAL challenge. Thus, from 10 o'clock in the morning and throughout the day, the participants displayed their teams' robotics projects to a panel of judges made up of Girbau staff, with referees - staff from the University of Vic - to assess the performance of the robots, both autonomously and under the control of drivers in the different teams.

To do this, Girbau set up the main arena in the Girbau Experience Center, from which the event was presented and broadcast. Girbau also provided rooms for judges and coordinators, as well as a team of volunteers whose hard work and dedication were crucial to the smooth organisation of the competition, characterised by excellent organisation and compliance with all safety measures.

Mercè Girbau, CEO of Girbau Group, helped to present the 9 final prizes, underlining the importance of industry reaching out to young people through programmes like FTCSpain.

The competition was jointly organised by the Faculty of Science and technology of the University of Vic·UCC, the Scientia foundation and Girbau, with the support of Elausa and Goufone.

You can watch the FIRST Tech Challenge 2021 through this link:



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