Wet linen trolley

B-250 (350 litres)
B-420 (570 litres)

Tray constructed of high density polyethylene.
Metal base constructed of tubing painted with “Epoxy” paint.
Four casters.
Resistant to moisture and chemical products.

Classifying trolley

Ideal for selecting the linen in the same collection.
The closeable bags with handles aid in transporting to the laundry.

Moving bottom trolley

Mini (800 litres)
Maxi (1,500 litres)
Indicated for internal laundry use and for loading and unloading washing machines.
Bichromated tube with resinated PVC mesh.
Anodised aluminium.
High density polyethylene plastic.

Container trolley

Constructed from bichromated tubing and bars.
Rigid base and sides.
Front door with a total opening of 270 degrees.

Kangaroo trolley

550 litres
For transporting dirty and/or clean linen.
Folding shelves.
Possibility of climbing kerbs, steps, etc.
Constructed from bichromated tubing.

Shelf trolley

For intermediate operations, and as
a supplementary trolley or a substitute for fixed shelves.
Constructed from tubing painted in Oxiplast
Can be dismantled.

Hanger trolley

For transporting clothing on clothes hangers.
Constructed from 25mm diameter tubing painted in Oxiplast.
Fitted with four 60mm diameter casters.

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