Certified quality and safety
The philosophy behind obtaining certifications is not that of a race to win medals. Girbau views certifications only as a way to guarantee to their customers, workers, suppliers and neighbours that in the company, business is done properly.
Business certifications
Girbau has various certifications which endorse the compliance of the company in regards to criteria concerning quality and respect towards the environment.
ISO-9001 Certification
The ISO-9001 certification obtained in 1996 guarantees that Girbau products have been designed and constructed according to the pre-established procedures described in the manual of quality, thus assuring that all the product processes can be reproduced.

EMAS Certification for eco-management

Further proof of the Girbau's effort to help minimize the environmental impact of our activity is the inscription of Girbau, in 2004, within the communitarian eco-management and auditing system (EMAS).

This is one of the strictest environmental certifications regulated by the European Parliament and Union which, among other requisites, requires that the company make an annual environmental statements.

All the data in this statement and all the information relating to Girbau's environmental policies can be consulted in the Environment section of this website.

Girbau Shenguang holds ISO 9001:2015 certification, which establishes the steps taken to keep up high quality standards and is internationally accepted as a guarantee of a quality system that involves implementation of 8 fundamental principles: decision-making based on the analysis of data; client-focused management; balanced relations between company, customer and supplier; leadership, commitment and participation by people; a process-based management model; process planning as an inter-related system, and constant improvement as a goal.
ISO-9001 Certification
Continuing this Girbau policy towards quality, the Girbau Robotics Corporation, a member of the group, obtained ISO-9001 certification at the end of 2004. In this way, this Girbau centre dedicated to the manufacture of the process automation equipment also guarantees that all the product processes can be reproduced.

ISO-14001 Certification
The ISO-14001 certification, obtained in 2001, guarantees that all Girbau products have been designed according to ecological criteria (with completely recyclable parts and low energy consumption of the machines); that the residue production of the company is minimized and that material which respects the environment is used during the production process.

ISO 14001
Girbau Shenguang dispone de la certificación ISO 14001:2015 que sistematiza los aspectos ambientales de su actividad, además de promover la protección ambiental y la prevención de la contaminación desde un punto de vista de equilibrio con los aspectos socioeconómicos.

Product and component certifications
Product and component certifications guarantee our customers that all our products comply with the most demanding quality and safety regulations.
Product certifications
Girbau products have different certifications which guarantee their compliance to the most demanding safety regulations:
• EC (Europe)
• TUV GS (Germany)
• Energy Star (USA)
• Warnock Hersey (Canada)
• Applus (Electromagnetic compatibility - Spain)
Component certifications
In order to control the complete quality of all our products, it is not enough to only have product and business certifications. We need to be sure that all the components in our products are reliable and quality made.
Therefore, we demand our components have these certifications:
• CSA (Canada)
• UL (USA)
• VDE (Germany)

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