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A good washing program is one that achieves the required washing action with the lowest consumption of time, water, chemical product and energy.
This is why Girbau has developed the IMTx (Intelligent Manager Tool Expert), a software application for Girbau washing machines with Inteli control, which allows the user to adjust all the parameters involved in the washing process very easily, to optimise resources and to achieve the right wash.

IMTx displays the consumption graphs in order to optimise the laundry’s performance.

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New IMTx features
-Creation and modification of washing programs on a virtual display enabling the full programs to be displayed on a single screen.
-Graphical display of the laundering process for each program, to help the user understand what is happening at every moment of the program in terms of water levels, washing time, valves, consumption and entry of chemical product.
-More preset programs (model programs as a starting point, depending on a selection of fabric and degrees of dirtiness).
-Includes Inteli Simulator (ISI), which allows the user to practice on a virtual display as a learning tool in the use of Girbaus’s Series 6 washing machines.
Request your IMTx pack
Includes: IMTx software +ISI + card reader + Inteli card

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