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Girbau has been successfully supplying and maintaining laundry equipment for boarding schools and residential colleges for over 55 years, helping to ensure round-the-clock operational efficiency, high productivity and low running costs.

We also offer a full range of coin-op machines including both washers and dryers for on-campus launderettes.

Upgrading your laundry the latest high efficiency washers, dryers and ironers from Girbau will help to increase efficiency and reduce energy and water consumption.

With our Complete Laundry Care package, saving money has never been more affordable. There’s no capital payment required and everything including all service and maintenance is covered in a single fixed monthly rental, for the ultimate in budgetary control. Our own team of experienced engineers provide a full maintenance and repair service that can be included in your package.

We understand the importance of responding quickly in the event of a machine breakdown, which is why we operate a 24/7 Service helpline and our own team of dedicated of factory-trained installation and maintenance engineers offering same day/next day response.

Girbau Group is a global family-owned company that puts quality, reliability and customer care above short-term profits for shareholders.

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