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Wet Cleaning – Processing Stages

Stage 1 Pre-spotting

Gentle and effective professional wet cleaning pre spotter for the professional wet cleaning and laundry process;

  • Extremely gentle on colours and fibres.
  • Suitable for all types of textiles.
  • For wetting, emulsifying & removal of tough grease, oil & pigment stains.
  • Improves wet cleaning performance and assists in avoiding redepositing.

Stage 2 Wet Clean in one of our HS 6 Series Washers using the Ideal Detergent

Ideal Logo Three machines in the energy efficient 6 Series range from Girbau are ideal for wet cleaning use and sport the “Wet Cleaning Ready” logo: - the HS-6013, HS-6017 and HS-6024. With nominal capacities of 14 kg, 19 kg and 27 kg, these machines offer wet cleaning capacities of up to 6.5 kg, 8.5 kg and 12 kg respectively for wet cleaning applications.

The 6 Series washers incorporate Girbau’s advanced INTELI control systems with virtually unlimited programming options (up to 99) helping to ensure economical, water and energy-efficient operation for the widest range of laundry processing, including wet cleaning.

The Girbau HS-6013 machine is ideal for a professional shirt service, because it gives a good mechanical action for heavy soiled business shirts and a very gentle action for silks and wools.

The Girbau HS-6024 machine is ideal for a duvet service because the cage is big enough for a feather super-king and for a polyester super-king as well. Both of these are rapidly growing services with plenty of growth potential.

The recommended detergent for the Agua-Smart process has been expertly developed by Ideal Manufacturing, who have been formulating and producing innovative chemical solutions for a host of industries since 1980. Ideal concentrates on the expert development of a comprehensive range of products using intelligent formulation and application chemistry research techniques, rigorous testing and quality control, careful management and a considerate environmental approach.

Biodegradable wet cleaning main detergent

  • Brilliant main wash detergent for professional wet cleaning
  • Biodegradable surfactant system for excellent soil removal at very low temperatures
  • Mild formulation for gentle care of wool, silk, and sensitive textiles. Helps to maintain original texture and feel of fabric
  • Delicate detergent for safe and effective care of whites and colours
  • Cool cologne fragrance

Stage 3 – Garment Drying & Finishing

Girbau S-931-S Finishing Table

  • Finishing table vacuum and blowing
  • Junior 2 Iron
  • Swinging arm and sleever shape
Dimensions: (d x w x h)
(with or without boiler)
640mm x 1840mm x 1070mm (open)
Voltage: 415 V./3/50 Hz

Girbau Genus-SV Vacuum Table

  • Table with heated board with vacuum blow and live steam facilities
  • Steam distribution battery
  • Swinging arm with sleever shape and vacuum
  • Thermostatic control of heated board
  • Swinging arm with F3 shape for finishing sleeves
Dimensions: (d x w x h)
500mm x 1754mm x 580mm
Voltage: 415 v./3/50 Hz

Girbau Formplus Garment Former

  • Automatic chest positioning according to garment size
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Three cycle operation: fully automatic, semi automatic and manual.
Dimensions: (d x w x h)
1146mm x 1157mm x 1603mm
Voltage: 415 v./3/50 Hz

Girbau MPT-D Trouser Topper

  • Automatic leg clam assembly for trouser stretching
  • Air-operated locking on trouser top area
  • Adjustable time cycle.
Dimensions: (d x w x h)
1095mm x 500mm x 1850mm
Voltage: 415 v./3/50 Hz

See PDF Girbau Wet Finishing

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