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Laundry Technology Centre Installs Second Girbau Washer

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The UK’s world-renowned Laundry Technology Centre (LTC) has installed a second HS-6008 washer from Girbau UK for use as a test machine. LTC already had one 9kg capacity HS-6008 machine and purchased the second in order to cope with growing demand for its laundry testing services. Both machines are now being used for a wide variety of tests on new detergents, new textiles and new laundry processes. LTC also uses a Girbau UK Econ‑o‑dry dryer.

“While there are some other washers available for laundry testing applications, here at LTC we prefer to use quality machines that are widely used in laundries around the world,” says Steve Anderton, managing director of LTC Worldwide. “We also chose the HS-6008 washers because we know Girbau machines are very well built and reliable.”

All machines in the Girbau 6 Series range have been specifically designed to be very energy and water-efficient. They are strong and durable and offer spin speeds of up to 1000rpm. They provide excellent washing performance with reduced cycle times and come supplied with a comprehensive range for programs for all commonly-laundered fabrics and items. Girbau’s patented GDRIVE system uses microprocessor control to optimise the high speed spin cycle to suit different types of fabric as well as saving energy, reducing noise & vibration and prolonging machine life.

The INTELI models in the 6 Series range are also Wet Clean Ready. An increasing number of laundrettes and dry cleaners are adopting Wet Clean for delicate fabrics.

Girbau 6 Series high speed washers are approved by the Water Technology List (WTL) for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. This allows businesses write off 100 per cent of the cost of purchasing a new WTL-approved washer against taxable profits in the year of purchase.

Girbau’s AQUAMIXER system, standard on all 6 Series models, precisely controls the mix of hot and cold water to minimise the need for additional water heating in the machine and optimising water temperatures to meet fabric and wash requirements. Girbau’s Aquafall system ensures gentler, but more effective washing. Holes in the drum paddles allow additional water to cascade into load for increased cleaning action and a shorter rinse cycle. Girbau’s Care Touch drum features deep-punched holes with no sharp edges ensuring delicate treatment of linen, longer fabric life and improved removal of the water in the final spin.

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