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Ragdale Hall Luxury Spa

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Luxury Spa Builds Dedicated On Premise Laundry

Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire is one of the country’s premier health spas and a mecca for people seeking a luxury break away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

With 91 bedrooms plus additional day visitors and with guests used to serious pampering and virtually limitless supplies of new robes and towels, Ragdale Hall’s laundry processes close to two tonnes every day.

Limited space in the basement where Ragdale Hall’s old laundry was situated meant that it had no room to expand by adding new, higher-capacity machines. Its management therefore decided to build a dedicated new laundry within its grounds. Girbau advised throughout the design and build process and played a vital role in ensuring continuity of operation.

The new laundry has doubled capacity with the installation of two new Girbau HS-6040 (44kg capacity) washer-extractors, the transfer of Ragdale’s four existing HS-6023 (25kg capacity) washers and a suite of five new dryers.

Building the new Girbau-equipped laundry has helped to transform the capacity and efficiency of operation. Adding two 44kg washer extractors and the new dryers has doubled capacity, allowing Ragdale Hall to switch from 24 to 12-hour operation with substantial savings in labour requirements. With the occasional night shift, the laundry also now has much greater ability to respond to peak demand without having to resort to the added expense of outsourcing.

The larger washers have brought further efficiencies as Nicola Hansard, Operations Manager at Ragdale Hall explains: “We are getting twice the load into each of our 44kg machines compared to the smaller washers and the programs take the same amount of time, further increasing our operating capacity. Girbau’s Easy Load system also means the bigger machines are quick and easy to load and unload too.”

In the first phase of the transfer Girbau installed two new HS-6040 washers as well as two new 120 pound tumble dryers and three new 75lb dryers to replace the ageing and less energy efficient tumblers the Hall had been using. This equipment was commissioned while the old laundry was still operating. Then over a single weekend Girbau arranged to lift the four existing HS-6023 washers out of the basement, transport them to the new building and re-install them in the new laundry.

“Continuity of operation during transfer of equipment from the old laundry to the new was essential,” Nicola Hansard adds. “The Girbau team worked long hours during the two week period in which we moved operations, helping us to ensure there was no disruption in the supply of fresh laundry for our customers.”

Strong and durable, all machines in the 6 Series range offer spin speeds of up to 1000rpm and have been specifically designed to optimise the use of water and energy. They also provide excellent washing performance with reduced cycle times.

Keen to minimise the environmental footprint of the laundry, Ragdale Hall opted to install Girbau RT-500 water recovery systems with both of the new HS-6040 washers in order to recycle grey water.

As well as transforming the efficiency of the laundry, the new building has given staff all the room they need for sorting, ironing and folding in a purpose-built light and airy facility that also happens to have great views over adjoining countryside.

Ragdale Hall chose Girbau UK for:

  • Comprehensive laundry consultation
  • Laundry design and expertise
  • Ability to support continuity of operation
  • Full installation and user training
  • Dealing direct with the manufacturer
  • Care & Nursing
  • Education
  • Equestrian
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Hairdressers
  • Holiday Parks
  • Hotels Spas & Leisure
  • Industrial Laundries
  • Laundrettes & Dry Cleaners
  • New Build Care Homes
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