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Luxury Spa Upgrades Laundry

Partnership approach yields 20% saving

Nirvana Spa is the UK’s largest day spa, with over 20,000 members and no less than 300 guests visiting every day. Located in Wokingham, Berkshire, it recently extended its stunning facilities, which include 14 fresh water pools, an array of sauna and steam rooms and 12 beautiful new treatment rooms.

Expansion of the spa and its facilities meant that laundry capacity needed to increase and efficiency improve. Nirvana Spa needs to operate an efficient and reliable laundry to satisfy and exceed customer demands. With intensive use its existing laundry equipment was proving unreliable. Nirvana decided to investigate options for upgrading its laundry for increased capacity, improved efficiency, better wash quality and equipment reliability.

“Unlimited supplies of high quality, soft towels and robes are an absolute must here at Nirvana Spa, so laundry equipment reliability is hugely important to us,” says Tamara Banks, Operations and Housekeeping Manager.

Girbau UK’s laundry consultant listened carefully to Nirvana’s needs and recommended an installation that would address all the problems it was facing and provide efficiency savings of at least 20%. Factory-trained engineers installed and commissioned the new laundry equipment and gave the spa’s staff comprehensive training on its use.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Girbau UK, dealing with them has been like a breath of fresh air,” says Tamara Banks adds. “They visited us, listened carefully to our needs and looked for ways we could improve our laundry.”

In addition to the company’s consultative and partnership approach to developing customer’s laundries, Nirvana Spa also chose Girbau because it wanted to deal directly with its chosen equipment manufacturer.

“I consider Girbau the Rolls Royce of commercial laundry equipment. Girbau UK know what they are talking about because they have made the machines and therefore understand every single part of them,” says Tamara Banks.

In the first phase of the laundry upgrade Girbau installed one HS-6057, 57kg-capacity washer with Easy Load function, and a smaller HS-6023, 23kg machine. Easy Load technology makes it much easier to load and unload high capacity washers for maximum efficiency. For drying Girbau also installed two of its largest, energy-efficient gas dryers from the Pro Series II range, a GU0120 (120lb) and GU075 (75lb).

‘As well as increasing capacity, the new laundry is already delivering efficiency savings of at least 20% and we expect to improve on this,” says Tamara Banks. “We’ve been able to increase quality and at the same time reduce energy consumption and our carbon emissions.”

The highest wash quality is essential at Nirvana Spa. After installation of the new Girbau equipment, the business was able to reintroduce stock that had previously been rejected; such has been the improvement in wash quality.

“Some spa treatments can be difficult to clean and we had to rewash or even reject items that we could not get fully clean,” Tamara Banks says. “ We are getting much better results with the new washers after working closely in consultation with Girbau and their recommended chemicals partner.”

The second phase of the laundry upgrade consisted of two further HS-6057 washers and a single ST-1300 dryer.  The ST-1300 gas-fired dryer is believed to be the world’s most efficient tumble dryer and is at least 30% more efficient than any other industrial dryer. It can process 50kg loads every 15 minutes or in other words 200kg every hour and features a fast and efficient vacuum loading system.

Nirvana Spa chose Girbau UK for:

·       Close consultation and partnership approach

·       Dealing direct with the manufacturer

·       Laundry efficiency savings of at least 20%

·       Clean, fresh and soft towels

·       Longer lasting towels and robes

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