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Energy Efficient Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre

The Dogs Trust rehoming centre near Shrewsbury in Shropshire has four Girbau washers and four dryers for washing the bedding and veterinary laundry of up to 140 dogs.

The centre has been designed to be carbon neutral. Innovative energy-saving features in its construction have reduced energy consumption by 50 per cent over a traditional rehoming facility. Built using Passivhaus principles to ensure it is self-sustainable in its energy requirements, the centre uses bio-fuels to provide heating and has achieved an A+ rating for energy efficiency under the UK Building Regulations.

The Girbau washers include the HS-6008 model, top-rated for energy efficiency by US Body Energystar, and the larger HS-6013. Both are primarily used to wash bedding and blankets. The dryers are Girbau’s energy efficient Pro Series II gas models.

“The high spin speeds of the Girbau washers mean that the dogs’ bedding comes out of the wash much drier, helping to speed up the washing and drying cycle, saving both time and energy,” says Louise Campbell, Dogs Trust Shrewsbury Manager.

Each dog at the home is walked every day in the 30-acre grounds and has access to seven sand areas for daily exercise and play. Inevitably the dogs’ bedding can get dirty and so requires frequent washing to keep it comfortable and hygienically clean.

The rehoming centre has four separate washers and dryers located in separate buildings. One of these is dedicated to the more specialist needs of the centre’s veterinary suite, where in addition to blankets it is used to launder surgical drapes and veterinary bedding.

“Hygiene is very important here, especially for our new intakes and the veterinary area,” Louise Campbell adds. “So our four separate mini-laundries ensure there is no risk of cross-contamination from one part of the home to another.”

Each of the centre’s washers and dryers is in constant use every day. Reliability is therefore extremely important, as downtime has to be kept to a minimum. The rehoming centre has a service agreement, which ensures a Girbau UK engineer can respond the same day in the event of any servicing or repair needs.

“Girbau engineers respond very quickly and always have the parts they need with them, so they can fix things there and then, which is very important for us,” Campbell concludes.

Paul Wass, Dogs Trust Project Surveyor confirms the reasons the charity chose Girbau UK:

“Girbau machines are reliable and backed up by good service. They are also good value, when compared to other manufacturers.”

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